SKIN DEEP ll - With special guest Sleepy Heed!!!

Something is really fishy when Molly's dancers start to disappear one by one in this Sequel THRILLER to her "Skin Deep" album release tour.  Watch as Molly slowly looses her dancers, opening band, and stage crew to a GIANT fish eating piano playing house spider...  the front several rows will be supplied with ponchos as slimy fish will be thrown out at various times during the show... none are to be spared by this villain spider and his crew until the end when Molly finally is lured into its lair only to find all of her dancers and stage crew stuck to the wall with spider webbing.....  to know how it ends... you must come to the show!!

Tickets available NOW at the Washington Center for Performing Arts in downtown Olympia!!



We have officially shot the first round of footage for my Lullaby for Lindsay music video!  We have aquired a Visual Effects Artist who will be turning the daylight into nights sky with stars falling from it, and turning this scene into dreamland!  We finish shooting on September 7th in the Arboretum in Seattle!

We actually got some footage of the show at the Florence Events Center, though the resolution came out a bit low.  We will be filming the Pantages with much higher tech equipment!