Molly Hardin Music is a Non Profit Organization of the arts operating out of Washington State with a mission to deliver original, new, and current art to the community to help enrich and inspire the community!  


Coming in 2018!

The MAKING of the musical "Jamie and the intergalactic Revolution of Planet Rhythmo Negato"

In 2018, Molly Hardin will release the score for her genre fusion opera about a girl named Jaime, (a transgender female) who is abducted by aliens on New Years Eve to the planet Rhythmo Negato and must save the galaxy and earth with rhythm music and dance.  This masterpiece will blend Ballet and other modern dance arts with Rock, Pop, Broadway, Opera, Rap, Country, Dream Pop, Alt rock, and Classical Music including a full orchestra pit for a grand finale that will blow not only the average mind, but also the mind of a music geek.  This piece will include nerdy musical theory for those who love the intricacy of classical composition as well as a cast of incredible characters, each with a melody of their own.  Oh, and did I forget?  Aliens.

The first musical preview will be available in April of 2018.  First major musical preview will be available in June 2018!

The Unveiling of Jamie and the Intergalactic Revolution of Planet Rhytmo Negato Gala and Champaign Toast (black Tie Only please) will be held between December 26th and December 29th 2018.  Exact Venue location information time, and a list of events will be updated closer to the event.

Artwork provided by Bad Moon Studios

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Auditions for vocal performers coming in May 2018!



SKIN DEEP RETURNS for A Halloween Special!

Something is really fishy when Molly’s dancers start to disappear one by one in this Sequel THRILLER to her “Skin Deep” album release tour. Watch as Molly slowly loses her dancers and stage crew to a GIANT fish eating piano playing house spider… the front several rows will be supplied with ponchos as slimy fish will be thrown out at various times during the show… none are to be spared by this villain spider and his crew until the end when Molly finally is lured into his lair only to find all of her dancers and stage crew stuck to the wall with spider webbing….. to know how it ends… you must come to the show!! 

Stay tuned for dates!  




This all original Christmas fantasy will introduce the first character this year, Mrs. Frost in a brilliantly conducted music and dance performance just in time for the holiday season!  Stay tuned for more on this!

 Stay tuned for dates!