Experience this moving live music performance with interpretive Ballet, Jazz, and Street dance!  Spreading a message of UNITY LOVE and PEACE through a celebration of LIFE DIVERSITY MUSIC AND DANCE!  

Next show is September 22cnd 2017 at the Pantages Theater in Tacoma Washington.  Click Here for tickets!!  If you are interested in sponsoring a child of the arts to come to the show, please call the box office or 541.632.0188 for more information, and thank you on behalf of HAC, and Molly Hardin Music for being an outstanding person!  

For more information on the SKIN DEEP TOUR and a show breakdown, see SKIN DEEP TOUR


We have officially shot the first round of footage for my Lullaby for Lindsay music video!  We have aquired a Visual Effects Artist who will be turning the daylight into nights sky with stars falling from it, and turning this scene into dreamland!  We finish shooting on September 7th in the Arboretum in Seattle!

We actually got some footage of the show at the Florence Events Center, though the resolution came out a bit low.  We will be filming the Pantages with much higher tech equipment!