Thank you SO MUCH to our local business and personal sponsors!  Without you this production would not happen! 

This page will be updated frequently!

Partners and Alliances


Business Sponsors (links coming soon!  Thank you for your support!)

Izzy's Pizza and Pasta in Tumwater, Denise Integra with Valpack


Personal Sponsors

Jill Hardin, Shawna S Mary, Erika Jacobsen, Hazel Morris, Heather Bunny Mari, Delaine Marker and Adam Chin, Tavares Burks, Steve Jones, Jack Mozie, Tony Conlin, Will Hutchins, Markeisha Surratt, Violette Bowhay, Veronica Garcia, Richard Conlin and Sue Ann Allen, Carl Greer,Himanshu Perry, Michael P Doyle, Glade Hatch, Analisa Murray, Vincenzo Giotto Cerrato, Tobias the Owl, Jan and Pam Hardin, Marky Allen, Demian Colts, Diana Kekule, Sarah Cooke, Michael Lauer, Rich and Vangie Keefe, Jaquetta Marie Banks, Wonder Wood, Ty Exxex, Ryan Wright, Andrew Munger,Al Sol, Dylan Fant, Vernon Lawton, Mary Dana, Linda B Sadler, Doug Wood, Patricia Brooks Anderson, Heather Blake, Danica Elledge, Mike Weaver, Gil De Leon, Shamir S Ramji, Lori Crawford, Michael Weaver

Contributing Artists

Molly Hardin - Classical and vocal Composition, Mary Dana - Folk Composition, Angelo Martin - R&B Composition, Paul J. Biondi - Sax Jazz composition, Joshua Carson - Drums Jazz composition, D'Vonne Lewis - Drum and Jazz composition, Sleepyhead - Rock Composition, Joselito Castillo - Choreography , Georgie cat productions - Videography and Photography