The Skin Deep tour is a choreographed production of Molly Hardin's R&B album entitled Skin Deep.  She has been working side by side with choreographer Joselito Castillo and her team of dancers and instrumentalists to come up with a brilliantly choreographed stage production designed to give a moving and lasting impression of her artistic vision for each heartfelt piece.  Mixing Ballet, Modern Dance, Contemporary Jazz, Hip Hop, Street and Interpretive Dance with state of the art sound and dynamic stage and lighting effects, Molly has produced an audially and visually stunning performance.  Her last show was September 22cnd 2017 at the Pantages Theater in Tacoma Washington.   Click Here for info!!  


The first act opens with a spoken word describing the meaning of "Skin Deep" and the definition of true beauty and that it comes from within.  This powerful interlude is followed by the song FIRE, inspired by 9/11 and other cataclysmic events, where Molly's dancers embody balls of flame on the stage as it lights on fire.  Other highlights of the first act include interpretive dancing in Jaimie Girl, the street influenced Transient, a burlesque interlude and two EPIC break up songs for which Molly will take the stage alone.


Below is the song order for the first act.

SPOKEN WORD - The Definition of beauty.

FIRE - A song inspired by the catastrophic events of 9/11.  The stage will light on fire as Molly's dancers embody the flames.  For music and lyrics, click here.

JAIMIE GIRL - A song written about a young woman looking for something deeper than just the surface and not finding it in the real world.  This song is accompanied by a powerful interpretive dance by Molly's dancers.  For music and lyrics, click here.

STAY AWAY - Epic break up song #1.  For music and lyrics, click here.

THE TRANSIENT - A song written about the homeless situation in Seattle - This song is accompanied by Molly's dancers in a modern / street dance performance.  For music and lyrics, click here.

OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAM INTERLUDE - Molly's dancers have an old Hollywood GLAM style dance off while Molly has an outfit change.

GOOD WOMAN FEELING BAD - Molly Returns to the stage in old school Hollywood glam to do an ensemble with two of her dancers.  For music and lyrics, click here.

TIME TO LEAVE - Epic break up song #2.  For music and lyrics, click here.


Act two opens with the bright and cheery hip hop "Summertime" and is followed by special instrumental accompaniment with guest musicians and a power message of Unity Love and Peace followed by a message to wake up and be thankful for our blessings while they are upon us.  The second act is followed by a beautiful acoustic encore with a special guest ballerina and a chance for the audience to come up on stage with the performers and dance!  The song order for the second set is as follows:

SUMMERTIME - Molly's dancers return to the stage with her in their summertime  gear (we didn't have our costumes quite ready at the last show for this one, but they will be ready for the Pantages!), for this bright and cheery hip hop beach scene.  For music and lyrics, click here.

UNFORGIVEN - A song written by Tim Hardin.  Accompanied by April Kur on the Grand Piano.  For music and lyrics, click here.

SPOKEN WORD - The scene changes to a thunder and lightning storm as this powerful spoken word is delivered through interpretive dance delivering a message of Unity Love and Peace - a prelude to the next song.

WAKE UP - A song written about staying connected to the world around you and being grateful for each day.  For music and lyrics, click here.

THANK YOU - The last song on Molly's Skin Deep album.  April Kur will return to the stage to accompany Molly.  For music and lyrics, click here.



LULLABY FOR LINDSAY - Special guest and star from Molly's Video and dancer, Lydia will take the stage with Molly in this special acoustic song written for Molly's niece Lindsay.  For music and Lyrics, click here.

LIVE YOUR LIFE - The last song of the night, A tribute to two very special people in Molly's life.  Be prepared to join Molly and her dancers on stage as we rock out to the last song of the evening!!    For music and Lyrics, click here.


Meet the performers after the show in the lobby!